Web Advertisement Details

Ads Name Size Position Fixed Price/Q Fixed Price/6m
Header 728*90 Header $400 $350
Article Top 728*90 Each Article Top $350 $300
Article Inline Multiple In Each Article $350 $350
Article Bottom 728*90 Each Article Bottom $250 $200
Footer 728*90 Each Article Footer $200 $150
Sidebar Multiple Each Article $400 $350
Background Link Only Entire Site $400 $350
Pop Up Multiple Entire Site $600 $500
Premium Multiple Selected Page/Post $400 $350
Dashboard Multiple After Student Login $800 $700

Broker Listing Front Table

Listing No Branding Fixed Price/m(Q) Fixed Price/m(H)
1 Broker Logo $1000 $900
2 Broker Logo $800 $700
3 Broker Logo $600 $500
4 Broker Logo $400 $300
5 Broker Logo $300 $200

Additional Advertisement Offerings

Offerings Criteria Promotions Fixed Price/M
Email Branding Entire Email & Newsletter Activities Branding $500
Regional Office Operation Office Activities &
Office Branding
Branding for more,
[email protected]
Sponsored One to One Session Consultancy Time Branding for more,
[email protected]
Pre-scheduled training sponsor Entire Training Time Branding for more,
[email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of any Campaign?

Right now, we are offering at least 3 month (Quarter) or 6 month (Half yearly) contract. If you purchase any of our Advertisement slot, it means it will charge you on monthly basis.

What is Email Branding?

In our entire activities, Email is most important element for interaction with Clients. We have sent approximate 15,000-18,000 email/month and this ratio is growing day by day.
We will put your ads in our entire email activities such as, Newsletter, Clients Response, Personal Message, Site Registration, Lost Password, Training Quarries and many more.

Payment Options

We do accept payment via Bank Wire Transfer, Online Payment Gateway and Neteller/ Skrill. We do not accept PayPal because we do have some restrictions by using PayPal service in our Region.

Advertisement Content

For Banner/ Display Ads / Newsletter, Client must arrange the content and send it us. Our design team will integrate these on our web server.

Size of the contents is restricted for optimum viewing experience.

Advertisement Agreement

Advertising Company must be Regulated and Reliable <strong>Forex/ Binary Broker</strong>. As we are working for people so, Viewers is our First priority.

Trading Forex and Binary is Subject to Market Risk.
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